Game Over Ever After

February 12, 2015

This was my team’s entry in the 2015 Global Game Jam. It was created in 48 hours using Unreal Engine 4. Neither me nor my teammates have ever used UE4, so this was very much a learning experience to give us some serious time using the engine. The theme for this year’s jam was, “What do we do now?”. It was this seed that gave us the idea: What would happen if the game’s hero fails? What will happen to the princess? Who will finish the quest? The NPCs will! The countless number of store owners, quest givers, layabouts, and nobodies will take up the hero’s quest and try to save the day.

Game Over Ever After is a top down minion controlling RTS-esque game. The player controls a set of pawns that will work together as a group to complete tasks and puzzles throughout the level. You can check out our team’s Global Game Jam site HERE. The team liked the concept of the game so much that we have and will continue to develop it in the future. I will be sure to post the updates here!