Mini Mages

May 17, 2011

This project was for my senior design project at Georgia Tech. The project was proposed by David Reeves from Romp Interactive. He wanted to make a game that uses the iPad as a console while using other iOS devices as controllers for the game. We took this prompt and decided to make Mini Mages.

The game is a 4 player mini-game competition. Each player picks a wizard to play as from the selection screen when starting the game. Once everyone has been connected, the players are given the choice between three mini games (Summon, Potions, and Battle Dragons).

The Summon mini-game is a 4 player version of rock, paper, scissors. Each player picks a monster to summon (rock, paper, or scissors) to fight against the main wizard in the middle of the screen. If the player loses, based on the rules of traditional rock, paper, scissors, he is eliminated. The last man standing wins the mini-game.

The Potions mini-game is similar to the old game Simon. In the middle of the iPad is a crystal ball. The crystal ball flashes a certain number of ingredients to put into the cauldron. The player must put these ingredients into their cauldron in the correct order in order to progress to the next round. The last person standing wins the round.

The last game, Battle Dragons, is a top down shooter where each player controls a dragon that flies around the iPad and shoots fireballs to destroy the other players. The game reads the accelerometer data from the player’s individual iOS devices to control the dragon. As with the previous two games, the last person standing wins the round. The first player to reach five points wins the game is presented with a trophy.

The CM-13 team: Wes Anderson, Joe Maliksi, Rose Peng, Ali Wallick, and myself.