It Will Kill You

May 17, 2011

It Will Kill You is a cross between a platformer and strategy game where one player plays as a human and another player plays as a virus within that human. The players are unable to interact directly with one another and are forced to use varying means of indirect interaction to slow each other’s progress to their final objective.

For the human, this objective is to reach the isolated scientist at the observatory who is the only person who knows the cure to stamp out the virus. In order to get to the observatory, the human must collect six parts to assemble the Momentum Boots which allow the player to redirect his fall velocity in a new direction. This allows the player to fall off a building and shoot across the gap that is initially unnavigable to the human. To buy time to get to the scientist, the human can inject antibodies into his body to attack the virus or he can surgically implant defense turrets to fend off the virus’ attacks.

The virus’ objective is to replicate enough (build replication factories) to overwhelm the human’s immune system and lead to his untimely demise. The more factories the virus builds, the faster the virus wins. To slow the human down, the virus can attack various body parts to inflict area-related side affects that impede the human’s movement and ability to pick up powerups. However, the virus must use his energy wisely and budget it between damaging body parts, building factories, healing factories, and destroying antibodies… if he wants to succeed.

The Tearing Balls Team included Sam Brown, Henry Dooley, Matt Lovett, Ali Wallick, and myself.